Careers, Education, & Sustainability

May 1-4, 2019, Lisle IL

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The 2019 GLRM will focus on the intersections between education, chemistry careers, and sustainability issues. Look for collaborative sessions, panel discussions, career development, and networking opportunities.

Keynote Speaker

Wed, May 1, 6-7:30p


Sir Fraser Stoddart

2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for the design and synthesis of molecular machines.

"My Journey to Stockholm"

Savoy Room

Featured Symposium

Photochemistry Symposium in Honor of Dr. Frederick D. Lewis

This session will focus on the fundamental and applied aspects of photochemistry research. Areas of interest are photochemistry and photophysics of molecular, supramolecular structures and materials with applications across a wide range of fields from the environment to healthcare. This session will be organizing special recognition of a prominent photochemist in the Great Lakes Region. More details to come!

Dr. Frederick D. Lewis

Professor Emeritus

Northwestern University

Featured Workshop

The Molecular Sciences Software Institute (MolSSI) is an NSF-funded institute whose goals are to improve software, education, and training in the computational molecular sciences. The MolSSI will offer a scientific programming workshop at the ACS Great Lakes Regional Meeting designed for undergraduate students who are currently involved in, or planning to start computational chemistry research. This workshop is designed to help students develop practical programming skills that will benefit their undergraduate research, and will take students through introductory programming and scripting with Python to version control and sharing their code with others. NO prior programming experience is required.


The workshop will cover topics such as:

-    Reading and writing files

-    File manipulation and parsing

-    Analyzing and graphing data

-    Creating command line programs from Python scripts

-    Basic troubleshooting

-    Version control with git

-    Sharing code on GitHub

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Reception Following Keynote

Live Jazz with The Nite Hawks



The 2019 GLRM Organizing Committee would like to acknowledge the support provided by our sponsors.



Dr. Jason Keleher, Co-Chair

Barbara Moriarty, Co-Chair

Dr. Teresa Bixby, Website and Publicity

Dr. Daniel Kissel, Programming Co-Chair

Dr. Kari Stone , Programming Co-Chair

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